The Uniqueness of YARA



   Firstly, our uniqueness is justified in the fact that we do not want to change people, nor do we have any desire whatsoever to tamper with people’s beliefs, perceptions, or thought processes. We simply want to raise people’s consciousness in an attempt to minimize the robotic state that today’s world has incurred on us as human beings.


   Secondly, we will be exploiting today’s technological advancements in order to put our messages across. Our methods will entail the use of short videos and media clips that will educate, motivate, and inspire people towards a more positive way of living.


   There are definitely a handful of similar NGO's that are constantly attempting to make positive impacts on today’s society; however we believe that their focuses and efforts solely target the problems, and not the solution. We, at YARA, would like to inform, enlighten, and empower mankind, so that each and every one of us can contribute to the changes that are much needed in today’s world; in a collective, positive effort. 


   The approach to our idea is new and different because personal awareness comes with self realization. The viewers of our videos will have the luxury of absorbing, understanding, and appreciating our messages at their own convenience and in the comfort of being at home. The sad and unfortunate reality is that the majority of people do not fully engage themselves in making the required changes in society, which could be due to several reasons:

* They are unaware of the problem

* They are aware of the problem but choose not to get involved

* They feel that their individual contribution and involvement will make no difference


   At YARA we will try our utmost to bring out the potential in each and every individual at our reach – to help them realize that only they can make a significant change.


"It is YOUth who will make the difference!"


   We will predominantly be focusing on society’s youth (aged 12-34), in an attempt to enlighten them and prevent a repetitive trend of problems from further-happening. We believe that preventive measures are far more effective than corrective ones.


“Prevention rather than Correction” ~ Amir Shihadeh


“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” ~ Frederick Douglass