YARA Solves the Problem


   We at YARA believe that the main problem within our society is that people are preoccupied with their own lives, to the extent that they tend to neglect what others within their direct surroundings are being faced with. 


   By raising people’s awareness through media campaigns, they will in turn and by default, become more appreciative of their own lives and current situations. They will start viewing their own problems as trivial ones in comparison to the hardships and struggles that others are faced with. With higher levels of appreciation and raised levels of consciousness, one’s perceptions and priorities in life tend to change. We, at YARA, believe that by tapping into people’s hearts and minds at a constant rate, we will eventually ignite that inner potential that most of us never knew existed – making everyone the solution to society’s drawbacks.


   By taking advantage of today’s technology such as the internet, we believe that we can tap into people’s hearts, minds, and souls at an increasingly fast pace.