YARA's Goals in 5 Years


YARA wants to achieve:


* A raised level of consciousness and happiness across the general public

* Higher level of self-control, tolerance, respect, and patience across the public

* Individuals to hold a clear understanding of their untapped potential

* An increase in the quality of life across unfortunate families in Jordan

* A substantial increase in the fortunate’s participation and willingness to lend a helping hand

* A substantial reduction in bias behaviour and more open communication amongst all classes and levels within society

  * The various projects YARA has in mind will be duplicated in other countries around the world – tailoring each project to each country’s regulations, capabilities, and environment.


YARA wants to cure:

* Fortunate looking down on the unfortunate and the unfortunate envying the fortunate; and this is becoming a vicious trend that is unbreakable

* Rich getting richer without sympathizing with, or financially supporting the lower classes

* Upper classes in society are usually unaware of what goes on in the public sector and lower classes of society, and feel rather content with this ignorance.  We realize that a change in this generic mindset will not take place over night; we will take a soft and gradual approach to informing upper class families and making them aware of the hardships that lower class levels of society are faced with across the public.