YARA's Idea

   YARA's main idea is to make substantial and tangible changes in society by creating awareness campaigns in areas that are usually untapped, overlooked, and/or neglected. Our awareness campaigns are conducted through two medium: field projects and awareness videos. Through our videos, we hope the viewer will grasp our messages and take them as a means of personal reflection to become a better person.


  An explanation from YARA's founder:


  "It always saddened me that the majority of people around me have been, and still are, pursuing and looking for happiness and inner peace in the wrong places. The world we live in today, unfortunately, offers us an abundance of material temptations as well as systematic lifestyles, all of which have drastically lowered our levels of consciousness. Due to certain events and hardships that I experienced during my childhood and early adolescent years, I was fortunate to find the light and in turn was able to reconnect to my essence and find the “inner child” in me once again. In 2009, I have been through a tough personal ordeal that has made me realize that not all good things last forever – they are temporary. Therefore, we must search within ourselves to build a connection with things that are eternal. The happiness and understanding of life that I gained from this realization in itself was what gave me the initial inspiration to initiate YARA.


  I am an observer, and this has greatly contributed to the development of my idea. When we are able to put ourselves in other’s shoes and “live” their life – many things will begin to make sense. The basic concept behind YARA is to reconnect people with their true essence, making them appreciate what life has to offer, and in turn reaching a “real” state of happiness. By exploiting today’s technology, the main idea is to educate people via various means of media, on certain issues that they would usually neglect, ignore, or oversee."