YARA's Overall Goal


   YARA's overall goal is, by every means possible, to reach out to as many souls as possible and help them realize their true, uncapped potential. We, at YARA, consider ourselves as the additional sunlight and water needed to grow that inner-seed further.


   We are all born as equal spiritual beings. Unfortunately though, some of us are born into a world where we are more privileged than others. It is one of our aims at YARA to raise people’s awareness and appreciation by informing and educating them on the hardships and struggles that unfortunate people are faced with on a day to day basis. We hope that, in turn, this will alter people’s perception on life, redefine their priorities & meaning of true happiness, and promote working together, as a collective consciousness, towards a better, happier world. This will be done through effective awareness campaigns that will target various issues in the realms of Education, Poverty, Environment, Sustainable Projects, Religion/Spirituality, Orphaned Children, Youth Empowerment, and Self Enhancement.