From obsessive hobby to business, Cacti is a shop that brings you beautiful pieces of cactus and succulents to share with friends, give beauty to your homes, or decorate your memorable events.
In addition to our products, Cacti also offer landscaping services.

Sponsored Project(s): 
Nutella Cacti

Cacti is supporting YARA in one of our products, "Nutella Cacti"; which holds three benefits:

1) REUSE: Jordan doesn't have glass recycling companies, therefore we reuse Nutella glass jars.
2) EMPOWER: We empower low-income women by paying them for every Nutella glass jar they clean.
3) SAVE WATER: Jordan is the third most water-deprived nation in the world. We plant Cacti (or Succulent) in the jar - and it only needs half a cup of water (100 ml) every two weeks.