Mutah Contracting Company

M.C.C. is classified as a first degree contractor by the Ministry of Public works. M.C.C was established in 2005 after being 50% owner of Al-Fadel Engineering & Contracting Co. ( established in 1993 ). M.C.C provides the highest quality construction services for government and private sector companies. M.C.C., lead by Eng. Abbas Al-Omar and a staff of highly qualified and experienced engineers guaranties the highest quality construction in the fastest time. M.C.C. 's strength both technically and financially will guarantee clients the best return for their investment.

Sponsored Project(s): 
Zahreyyah's New House

Hajjeh Zahreyyah lived in a 1.6 x 2.0 meter storage room with no door, no windows, no electricity, no bathroom, and no hope. Having no family around her to support her at the fragile age of 78, YARA and its amazing team of affiliates decided to be her support!