Nahda Printing Agency

Nahda Printing Press was founded by Sulieman Zaza in 1968. Nahda has evolved and has become one of the leading printing presses in Jordan and the region. Nahda contains within its building, on King Abdullah II Bin Al-Hussein Street, to the latest printing technology in offset printing, digital printing, variable information printing, and packaging. It also contains sections for prepress processing and post press processing. 


Sponsored Project(s): 
"Go Green" 2010

In October of 2010, YARA carried out a unique environmental – poverty campaign. YARA collaborated with which held 7,300 environmental events in 188 countries around the world on the date 10-10-10.

"COEXIST" 2012

The second edition of YARA’s “COEXIST” in 2012 was a great success having 200 attendees and six prominent speakers, among them Dr. Amjad Qoursha and Brother Andrew De Carpentier.