“Treasury for Conferences Equipments” presents itself as a local community multi-media information portal, which is created by integrating business, providing solutions to associations, corporations and agencies in the areas of conference, seminar and event management. Arranges, prepares and handles conferences and seminars with needed equipment. Treasury for Conferences' vision for expansion is based on responsiveness to customers’ needs and requirements. We present services that are fully equipped to analyze business needs from supplying and rentals to offer comprehensive and complete multi-media business solutions .

Sponsored Project(s): 
"COEXIST" 2012

The second edition of YARA’s “COEXIST” in 2012 was a great success having 200 attendees and six prominent speakers, among them Dr. Amjad Qoursha and Brother Andrew De Carpentier.

"COEXIST" 2013

After the success of two great events for the World Interfaith Harmony Week, and with the request of many entities, YARA held its third annual "COEXIST" event with the theme, "Faith and Society".